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Ski Rack $12 $24 $60 $100 Thue Cl ar Top Carrier $22 $44 $110 $250 SKI SHOP PRICING Basic Tune $30 Includes base grind, machine wax, edge Compete Tune $40 Includes base grind, minor base repair, stone grind, hand wax, edge Performance Tune $50 Includes base grind, minor base repair, stone grind, diamond polished edges,

Reichmann base grinding machines for skis and snowboards

Revolutionary laser structures for skis. PROFI 4 VARIO. Belt-stone-grinding machine for ski and snowboards. PROFI S200. Race machinery with 200 mm wide stone. PROFI S350. Race machinery with 350 mm wide stone. PROFI B VARIO. All-in-one grinding machine.

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9:00am – Join a beginner tour with a ranger. Due to snowshoeing's popularity, reservations are required for each of the two snowshoe tours above and may be made no sooner than seven days in advance. There is no charge for the …

Used ski service machines from Wintersteiger

Binding adjustment machines. Combined stone and belt grinding machine skis, snowboards and cross country skis. Edge grinding machines. Side edge grinder. Wax machines. Waxing machines. Automated machines | Year of construction 2013 - 2021.

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A base grind will be used to flatten out your equipment which is crucial for an enjoyable experience. A base polish may be offered by your tech as well. This will be using an oxidisation belt which takes no life away from your gear. It is useful as preparation for wax when a piece of equipment is overly dry or furry.

Inline grinding stone/belt grinding machine

The inline grinding stone/belt grinding machine for skis, snowboards and cross country skis. The compact Omega SBI combines the full range of services of a professional machine for both belt sanding and stone grinding. The compact footprint allows the machine to be placed right next to a wall for additional savings of valuable space.

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The Ski Shop has the Area's best repair shop with the most state-of-the-art equipment! For beginner level skiers and snowboarders to racers, we feature the Reichman Pro Ceramic Edger for the sharpest and most accurate edge bevel. The Ski Shop features a precision stone grind machine to restructure the base […]

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Edge - Following the stone grind, the ski is edged using a rotating ceramic disk to sharpen and polish the edges. Wax - Finally, the skis are hot waxed using a heated roller saturated with wax and then polished. For the ultimate finish, hand waxing is also an option, so speak to your workshop technicians for more details and options.

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* Full Ski Tune: Clean & Prep bases, Fill most damage to bases* Sand Bases Flat on Tuning Machine, Stone Grind to create base structure, Hand Bevel base edges, Hand tune Side edges, De-tune edges as needed or as requested, Hand Hot Wax, scrape extra wax, Buff & Brush bases. * (Extensive damage that goes to the core may be extra) $55.00 per pair

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The new PROFI 4 VARIO is a combined stone-belt-tuning machine that fulfills all wishes regarding equipment repair and ease of operation due to the many …

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The Ski Shop at Milham Park is now open! Located in the Pro Shop at Milham Park Golf Club, we have skis, snowboards for anyone in the family. We also offer a full range of ski / snowboard services including fitting, mounting, grinding, tuning, and waxing.

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Full Tune Plus- Bases ground, Ptex base, hand filed edges and hot waxed. $50. Premium Tune - Full tune plus a stone grind plus ski strap. $65. Core Shot Repair - (per shot up to 1 inch, more for larger shots) $10. Phantom Wax - Permanent wax solution (includes premium tune) $150.

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Skis/snowboards get a fresh wet sand base grind to clean the base, then a stone grind to polish, structure and flatten equipment that may be severely untrue. Then, the edges are sharpened and polished with a ceramic disc grinder to ensure …

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From keeping your ski and board bases in pristine condition to getting across any track with ease, proper tuning is the ultimate recipe for success on the slopes. With state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians who have years of …

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Our team of mountain experts has found the best skis for beginners in 2021-2022, including top picks from Elan, Atomic, and more.

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Ski/Snowboard Tuning. From a basic wax to a deluxe stone grinding with specific edge angles and infrared waxing, Zeller's can handle it all. Our expert technical staff has decades of experience doing base repairs from impact damage. P-Tex repair and base punching, we do it all. Hot wax with Infrared waxer: $19.95 (Reichmann Wax Future machine)

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Why stone grind skis? Think of Stone Grinding like a dermabrasion or "facial" for the ski base. The grinding process carefully removes the damaged & hardened layer of base, removes scratches, other imperfections & debris and exposes a surface which will avidly absorb wax through freshly opened pores.

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Hot Iron Wax: $12. Belt Grind, Stone Grind, Edge, and Wax: $39. P-Tex (+ Belt Grind, Stone Grind, Edge, and Wax): $59 and up. The following is a complete list of all tuning and repair services that Georg's Ski Shop offers - though we do take on the occasional odd job.

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Ski tuning is an important step in maintaining your ski equipment so it performs its best for as long as possible. It includes a basic wax and edge sharpen or could include a more rigorous process for alpine ski tuning like a ski base grind or stone grind.

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Ski Binding Services. Ski Pole Service. Season Tunes (1 tune per week for 20 weeks) Stone Grind, Sharpen, Wax, and Base Repair. Mount / Remount, Binding Adjustment, and Function Test. Pole Basket. 1 Pair Skis or 1 Snowboard. Stone Grind and Ceramic Disc Edge. Binding Adjustment and Function Test. Pole Cutting. Each additional pair or snowboard

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Service Price; Major: Base grind, p-tex, Stone Grind, Edge, Wax, Major Base Damage and core Shots add $15 (1st inch) +$5 per inch: $65: Minor: Base Grind, Stone Grind, Edge, wax.Base Damage requires major tune. $55: Mini Tune: Edge & Wax. $40: New Ski Tune: Base Prep, Detune, Wax: $25: Hand Wax (Add Graphite +$5) $20: Epoxy Starts At

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You may also have the option of paying extra for a stone-grind to help add structure to the base. With that said, many skiers and snowboarders prefer to avoid the cost of maintaining their equipment by renting their gear from American Ski Exchange, which offers the best-priced, highest-performing ski and snowboard equipment in all of Vail Village.

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SNOWBOARD --- $66. INCLUDES: Base grind & bottom edge clean. All required base P-Texing > {except base welding or patch work} Re-belt to polish P-Tex repairs. STONE GRIND base {with structure pattern for prevailing conditions} Sharpen all side edges. Hand ironed in hot wax. Buffing and hand polishing.

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16,249. Mar 20, 2018. #3. The only way to sharpen base edges for most people is to grind the base. At some point, edges become rounded enough that just sharpening from the side doesn't work. Or, you'd have to take away alot of metal on the side to get through the round part. So it makes more sense to grind it.

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The inline grinding stone/belt grinding machine for skis, snowboards and cross country skis. The compact Omega SBI combines the full range of services of a professional machine for both belt sanding and stone grinding. The compact footprint allows the machine to be placed right next to a wall for additional savings of valuable space.